Silver Platter Pepper Pop’ers

Say that ten times faster .. : )

Home grown jalapeƱo with no spice to it or is there? With peppers you never know which is hot which isn’t. You just gonna have to like spice if your taking a chance on them.

So for this week’s spacial, I added bacon (everyone loves bacon) and if they don’t, then they are not my kinda friend .. I have my fair share of vegans, LoL. Anyway.. I made my own cream filling, now that has a little heat to it but I will blame it on the peppers. In the end, I find most people don’t care too much for spice but why does it matter to them .. their drinking alcohol. Its not like they don’t have things to wash it down with : )

Come by and try some before they’re all gone, I have a feeling they won’t last too long.

Amelia ~

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