Fashion Night Out!

I took the day off Friday to enjoy an evening of Fashion and Champagne in Miami’s Art District. I wasn’t sure what to wear but wanted to be comfortable and make a fashion statement at the same time. Than I found a Hooters shirt and knew no else would be wearing one. Plus, I was confident enough to know, was I was gonna rock it! : )

Some people say Hooters have great wings but we know what most guys really go there for, LoL! Maybe one day I will go there and give their wings a try. The thing about chicken wings for me is: I find that most places fry them and I prefer my wings grilled with just the right seasoning to make chicken (which I find generally bland) taste good. Which leads me to my newest creation.

Jalapeño Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/ Monterey Jack

Come by Hunter’s this weekend and try one for yourself.

Amelia ~


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