What’s more popular than chicken? BEER!!

And that’s how beer can chicken was born! .. I assume : )

I can’t take credit for it perosnally but I am darn proud of my spin on this backyard delicacy.

Honestly, I was just looking for something different to experiment with between burger flips and putting dogs in buns. To my surprise, I can’t make enough of them!

Thank y’all for going bananas over my beer can chicken. I promise, I’ll try to always have a couple everyday but .. when they’re gone, they’re gone.

If you really want one, order ahead of time (for tomorrow) and I’ll put your name on it. HOWEVER, if you get drunk and forget.. I promise you, someone will buy your bird. : )

So .. The weekend is upon us, come on down to Hunter’s. Have beer and try my Pepper Pop’ers (While they last). Yes, they’re a lil’ spicy but that’s what beer is for silly : )

There’s always something cooking @ Hunter’s Beach Bar!

Amelia ~

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